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CowBuzz: Social Media Goes Behind the Scenes During Early Days of London Trip

Yesterday we hit the ground running in London, literally.  Immediately after making our way through customs, we boarded buses that would take us to Wembley Stadium for a youth NFL Play 60 event.  The event lasted roughly two hours, then the players headed across the street to the team hotel.

The rest of the player's day was spent acclimating to the time change and resting.

Today was the first somewhat normal day of our time in London.  In the morning players lifted, had meetings and had a walkthrough before heading to the team buses.  Once on the buses they took about a 30-minute ride to Allianz Park where the Seracens Rugby Club practices and trains.
Other than the setting, it looked like any normal practice day.  The temperature was around 46 degrees and the skies were overcast.
After practice, there was a tent with a podium and a chandelier (nice touch London) for the media to conduct interviews.
The media were also grabbing players as they were walking to the buses from the practice field.
A small tent was set up where players exited the field serving sandwiches and drinks for the bus ride home.
As Coach Garrett left the field, a fan stopped him and showed him how dedicated he was to the team.  A Cowboys Star tattooed on his calf.
Cowboys fans truly are everywhere.

Make sure you follow our Twitter account @dallascowboys for live updates all week from London.

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