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CowBuzz: Sunday's Win Made Cowboys Big Movers In Latest Power Rankings

Tony Romo is back and so is the hope that the Cowboys can make a year-end run and make it into the playoffs.

In the week 12 edition of the NFL power rankings the Cowboys have jumped anywhere from six spots to 11, depending on which poll you're looking at.  Let's take a look at a few different ones. has the Cowboys at No. 21, rising six spots from last week.  This is what they had to say about 3-0 Tony Romo.

*"Tony Romo has returned and all is right again at Jerry World. The Cowboys are 3-0 this season when Romo starts (0-7 with other starting quarterbacks)."
 * also has the Cowboys moving up six spots but to No. 20 in their rankings.  They reference Tony Romo's tweet of the clip from Major League in their analysis.

"Tony Romo, the Tom Berenger of the NFL -- sans the half-mullet and Jobu helping out his teammates. No voodoo needed in Miami, as the franchise QB led the Cowboys back into NFC East relevance with the win in Miami. No, Romo wasn't perfect, as evidenced by his two picks, but he didn't get much help in pass pro; Olivier Vernon routinely beat the Dallas offensive line. The unit compensated in the run game, though -- firing out for a steady, plodding ground attack that ran the clock out on the Dolphins." has the Cowboys  making their biggest jump of the week.  They climb 11 spots to No. 18 on their list.  Here's their breakdown.

"With Tony Romo, the Cowboys are able to establish a balanced offense and keep the chains moving on third downs. Sean Lee made an immediate impact after returning to the lineup by leading the defense in tackles."

Just a week ago the Cowboys' playoff hopes were bleak at best.  With Romo's return this past Sunday, the Cowboys look like "that team" that started the season 2-0.  If undefeated Tony Romo can somehow pull off a win on Thanksgiving against undefeated Cam Newton, no one will want to play this version of the 2015 Dallas Cowboys.  

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