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CowBuzz: Tony Romo Joins Twitter, Gives Opinion On The Catch

In case you missed it, Tony Romo sent shock waves through Twitter on Thursday by sending out his first tweet on the social media platform with the handle @tonyromo. The account says he joined in April 2008, but to my knowledge, this was the first time the account had been visible to the public.

His first tweet was simply his number 9.

Simple and to the point but it still garnered over 15,000 Retweets and Favorites.

Then on Friday, Romo lowered the boom with his second tweet…

This little opinion of the play in Green Bay has been retweeted over 38,000 times and has received 4.4 million impressions (number of times this tweet has been seen on Twitter).

In just over four days, @tonyromo has gained over 135,000 followers and has been mentioned over 75,000 times.

The only Twitter account that's currently being followed by Romo is @GoNFFC, which is a fantasy football convention that Romo is headlining. Romo hasn't retweeted anyone, but has been active in the favorite department as he's favorited 77 tweets so far. Cowboys fans are anxiously awaiting to see who, if anyone, he follows next.

If you've spent any time around Romo, you know he has a great personality and he's a genuinely funny guy. If he allows just a glimpse of his personality to shine through on Twitter, this should be a great account to follow this season.

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