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CowBuzz: Williams, Scandrick Give Back To Their High Schools In Major Way

Terrance Williams and Orlando Scandrick are showing that they haven't forgotten where they come from in a big way. Both of them have recently given back some of their good fortune to their respective high school football teams.

Terrance Williams shared on Instagram pictures of new Nike football jerseys he is donating to his alma mater, W.T. White High School in Dallas.

Some of the football players have shared their thanks to Williams on twitter.

Orlando Scandrick's foundation, 32 Cares, has donated $15,000 to Los Alamidos High School in California. The money will be put toward buying brand new Riddell jerseys and helmets.

He shared a photo of the new helmets that have a 32 O sticker honoring his donation.

Williams and Scandrick both showing their respect to those that have helped them get to this point in their football careers.

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