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Dak Prescott gives Aubrey new moniker: 'He's Butter'


FRISCO, TX — When it comes to Brandon Aubrey, the rookie kicker whose journey to the Dallas Cowboys began with soccer and a journey through the USFL, you'd be hard-pressed to find many players who are as mentally unfazed by pressure. There are many players who are battle-hardened, sure, but the uniqueness of Aubrey is that he carries himself like he's been here before.

This is literally his first go at it in the NFL, however, and he wasn't even kicking American footballs until 2022, but it apparently doesn't matter to him or his mental approach to it all.

It has now led to Dak Prescott handing him a shiny new nickname, the two having a pre-existing relationship stemming from the fact Aubrey's trainer is one of Prescott's best friends.

Only months after Brett Maher proved to be toast, Aubrey has become the opposite.

"He's butter," said Prescott with a laugh. "Butter Aubrey. Smooth. Always has been since the day that he showed up."

When told of his kicker's new moniker, special teams coordinator John "Bones" Fassel had but one question about it.

"Butter, huh? Is that because he's on a roll?" asked a smiling Fassel.

Well played, sir.

The late, great Stuart Scott would be proud.

Fact is, though, that Aubrey is indeed on a roll — and a tasty one, at that.

Having now blown past a franchise record set by the legendary leg of Dan Bailey, Aubrey currently sits at 16 consecutive field goals made — only three shy of breaking the league's all-time record for the longest streak to start an NFL career (held by former Cleveland Browns' kicker Travis Coons).

It's been a near-perfect start of his NFL career, his lone miss being his very first extra point attempt in the eventual victory over the New York Giants. No one would've blamed him if he, a rookie with little kicking experience, would've gotten down on himself in that moment.

But, he didn't, and he's been perfect ever since.

Additionally, he's had just one … one … of his 35 kickoffs returned, the rest being touchbacks thanks to the stick of dynamite he hides in his right shoe.

"He's just very composed on the sideline," Fassel added. "After that missed PAT against the Giants, his very first kick in the NFL, he was very composed. His demeanor really doesn't change over the course of a game. If you ask him how he's feeling, body and mind, it's always, 'I'm good, coach. I'm good.'

"… I'm proud of the work he's put in and very proud of how coachable he is. I'm not coaching him too much at all. The best thing he's got going for him is he's just swinging and it's natural, without looking at other kickers or listening to me too much. I haven't changed one thing about him since he's been here.

"We've just worked on the operation part of [the kick] … We've got a long way to go, but it's been one hell of a start. Let's keep it going."

Fassel was reticent in his responses to the ongoing streak itself, giving way to superstition but, at this point, regardless of when the streak might end, Aubrey has already proven himself worthy of being dubbed the long sought after long-term solution at the position.

Of course, that designation will carry an asterisk tied to his need of continuing to deliver a strong season and likely proving himself in the playoffs as well, but there's simply no denying what he's already achieved — a former soccer player turned Cowboys' camp body only one year after first trying his foot at placekicking en route to owning a franchise record while eyeing a league record.

So yes, Fassel is correct, in that Aubrey still has a long way to go, considering the Cowboys are only six games into the regular season. Still, the Cowboys have scored 154 points this season and 60 of those points belong to Aubrey (39%).

That is peak Dan Bailey, is what that is.

"He's an athlete, man," said Prescott. "He's an athlete playing kicker. He's been a professional. He's been a professional in soccer and has been a professional in another football league.

"Then, now to be here in the NFL, yeah, he's mature as hell. Just butter with it, smooth. No surprise."

Mike McCarthy agrees, and wholeheartedly.

"He can crush it," he said of Aubrey's current streak. "He is so consistent. I enjoy watching him work. He's off to a great start."

Having started his NFL coaching career back in the early 1990s, McCarthy has mostly seen it all, especially in the fact his career includes having coached the likes of Mason Crosby.

But Aubrey, thus far, is something different entirely.

"I don't know if I've seen a start like this in my time," said McCarthy. "What a kicker."

At the moment, he's pure gold — Kerrygold.

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