DallasCowboys.com Writers Share Gut Feelings For Cowboys-Eagles Matchup

The Cowboys are desperately trying to end this five-game losing skid and welcome the last team they've defeated to AT&T Stadium.

In Week 2, the Cowboys defeated the Eagles 20-10, playing the first half with Tony Romo, who was knocked out with a broken collarbone.

The Cowboys are 2-1 in the NFC East and a season sweep over the Eagles could potentially help in a tiebreaker situation.

Here are the first gut feelings for staff writers Rob Phillips, David Helman, Nick Eatman and Bryan Broaddus.

David Helman:At this point, my attitude about the Cowboys is as simple as "prove it." There's enough evidence for me to think the Cowboys can beat the Eagles, but I need to see it to believe it. Philadelphia doesn't have the best run defense in the NFL, but I think they'll be capable of slowing down Dallas -- similar to what they did in Week 2. That's going to put all the pressure in Matt Cassel to come through, and I just don't have a lot of confidence after the last two weeks. I think the Cowboys defense is good enough to limit Sam Bradford and the Eagles running backs, and they'll even generate another turnover or two. But I don't trust Cassel and Co. to capitalize. Dez Bryant will score his first touchdown of 2015, but it won't be enough, given the struggles of the running game. Eagles win a close one -- something like 27-20.

Bryan Broaddus: During the week I went back and forth of how I thought this game would play out. Both teams are evenly matched and the way the quarterbacks have played for both teams in my opinion it is a wash as well. Both defenses will put pressure on these offenses to make plays and there is lucky some ugly football that will be played. I can see this as a tight game throughout with Dallas grabbing a late lead and much like Seattle last week were able to hold on - this Dallas defense gets one final stop and win the game 24-23.

Nick Eatman: I think I've picked the Cowboys to win four times in this five-game losing streak. So maybe I should learn my lesson. Then again, I watched this team beat Philly pretty handily in Week 2 and that was with Romo for a half, without Dez, McClain and Hardy. So that being said, I'm just not going to pick the Cowboys to win, but I will pick the Eagles to lose. Confusing? Well, sorry, but this season has been nothing but confusing. When I watch this current team, even without Romo, I don't see one of the worst teams in the NFL that should be losing five or six games in a row. But that's reality. They've lost five and aren't favored to win this sixth game. But the Eagles still have Sam Bradford. And I said it before the game in Week 2, I can't pick his team to win any games and so I'm going to stick with that. The Cowboys find a way to get some stops on defense. Cole Beasley becomes a factor in the offense again and Christine Michael has the best game as a Cowboy. So, I say the Cowboys wi… no, the Eagles lose this one, 23-9.

Rob Phillips: Know how many seasons the Cowboys have lost six straight games? Three in team history. At some point, the streak has to end, and I refuse to believe this team can't win a game without Tony Romo. Two areas give me pause Sunday: Dallas had difficulty running the ball at Philly in Week 2; and this Eagles front can really make life difficult for Matt Cassel. Can he avoid turnovers against the highest takeaway defense in the league? He must, or the streak will extend to six. I think Dez Bryant is more involved in his second game back, and defensively the Cowboys have shown they can disrupt Sam Bradford, who has 9 touchdowns and 10 interceptions this season. Give him time, though, and he'll score points in Chip Kelly's scheme. It's mathematically not a must-win, but with Romo still out a couple more games, Sunday night sure has that kind of feeling. Cowboys 21, Eagles 20.

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