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DeMarco Murray: "It's Too Early" To Worry About Contract Negotiations

IRVING, Texas– The speculation about DeMarco Murray's future has reached a fever pitch, and the season isn't even technically over.

The Super Bowl, and with it the true start of the NFL offseason, is still days away, but that hasn't stopped anyone from trying to determine whether the league's leading rusher will be a member of the Cowboys in 2015.

In a radio interview with 105.3 The Fan on Thursday morning, Murray said he isn't ready to worry about that just yet.

"I don't know, I don't know yet – it's too early," he said. "I'm just hanging out, relaxing with my family and enjoying life."

That's a bit of a foreign concept to fans and media. After all, the contract negotiations of both Murray and fellow All-Pro Dez Bryant will determine a lot about the Cowboys' future over the next four or five years.

Given the importance of those deals, it's easy to forget that it's been just more than two weeks since Murray concluded a 436-carry, 2,043-yard season that saw him garner MVP consideration.

Adding his brief appearance in the Pro Bowl into the equation, this is Murray's first week without football since the Cowboys reported to training camp in mid-July.

"I always felt great throughout the entire course of the season. I feel better now, obviously, not running for a week," he said. "So I'm feeling good. The body feels great."

As much as the time off might help physically, Murray said he's still digesting the way the season ended. The Cowboys' heartbreaking loss to Green Bay in the divisional round of the playoffs was one that Murray called the biggest of his career. It's something he said will keep him from worry about his contract for the time being.

"Honestly, I haven't gotten that far," he said. "It's only been a week and a half, two weeks removed from the season, so I'm still kind of fresh for me from the way it ended. I haven't gotten that far yet."

Contract negotiations are bound to pick up in the coming week, however. NFL free agency opens on March 10, and both Murray and Dez are bound to dominate headlines in the week leading up to it – and obviously during it, if they haven't secured new deals.

Asked about maintaining the progress from 2014 with the Cowboys' other core contributors -- Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Bryant – Murray was effusive in his praise. Beyond that, though, it's simply wait-and-see.

"Those are guys that I've spent my entire career with, those are guys that I've become great friends with. I consider them my brothers, and I love playing with those guys," he said. "We all play well together and we have a good thing going. You never know what's going to happen, we'll see what happens. But all you can do is hope for the best."

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