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Dez To See Second Doctor On Wednesday, Did Not Practice

IRVING, Texas -After seeing a specialist for his finger on Monday, the status of Dez Bryant is still unclear.

Jason Garrett told the media on Wednesday that Bryant will be going to see another doctor in order to get a second evaluation of his injured finger.

"Dez is going to see another guy today, later in the day," Garrett said. "We don't anticipate Dez practicing today. We're just going to see where he is. We're going to get that information."

Garrett reiterated that while they are hoping for positive news from the doctor, Bryant's finger is not in any condition for him to be able to suit up and practice on Wednesday.

"I think probably he still has some swelling in there so his ability to practice today, we don't think that's a real possibility, so he's just trying to work his way through it and get that thing under control a little bit." 

Reports have already come out that Bryant wants to play on Sunday and Garrett confirmed that he expects the wide receiver to do everything he can if there's a chance for him to take the field.

"One of the things we know about Dez is that he's a tough guy and he loves playing football," Garrett said. "He's going to give himself and our team every chance possible to play in this ball game. We just need to get more medical information on how to handle the situation right now and the best way to handle it right now and for the future." 

Bryant implied earlier in the week that it would take a broken leg to keep him off the field, but whether or not he plays will not be completely up to him. 

"I think, like with any decision, there are a lot of people who are involved in the decision," Garrett said. "Certainly the player has a lot to do with it, his willingness and ability to play." 

The doctor that Bryant visits on Wednesday will be attempting to determine whether or not playing could do permanent damage to Bryant's finger moving forward in his career. 

In the event that he does play on Sunday, Garrett talked about the possibilities for compensating for the finger and lessening the pain Bryant would be in. 

"For years players have taped fingers together," Garrett said. "It's sort of that 'buddy tape job' where your other finger helps you. There are a lot of variations of that. … Again we'll evaluate it today when he sees the doctor and just his functionality going forward."

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