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Difficult Decisions For Staff In Selecting All-Time Cowboys Super Bowl Team

IRVING, Texas– As the NFL prepares for Super Bowl 50, it's been a week of celebration for all of the teams who have participated in the biggest sporting event of the year.

For the Cowboys, they've played eight of the 49 previous Super Bowls, winning five.

At, we've figured that is plenty of exposure to come up with our own All-Time Cowboys Super Bowl team. Obviously, this isn't the greatest players in Cowboys history and it's not even a list of the best players to play in the Super Bowl.

This team is about the performers who shined on the biggest stage. No, Larry Brown isn't a better overall cornerback than guys like Everson Walls or Deion Sanders, but he's a headliner on this list, considering he won Super Bowl XXX MVP and has three career picks in the big game.

There were some easy choices such as Brown, Emmitt Smith and Harvey Martin. But there were some tough ones as well, especially at quarterback and offensive line. And every team has to have a coach – that might have been the staff's biggest debate of the entire list.

So here's the Dallas Cowboys All-Time Super Bowl team:

See the writers' choices for the all-time Super Bowl team.

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