Eatman: All For Riding Wave Of Momentum But Here's One Vote To Rest Romo vs. Skins

IRVING, Texas – This may not be a popular opinion – amongst the fans of Cowboys Nation or even here in the halls of Valley Ranch.
But when the Cowboys take the field Sunday against the Redskins, I would have Tony Romo, the guy I've been saying for weeks needs to be in the consideration of league MVP, should be on the sidelines wearing a ballcap, not a helmet.

I'm all for continuity. I'm all for keeping this momentum on an all-time high. But I'm all for having your best player, who has battled a back injury all year, be ready for the biggest game of the season.

And because of last week's results, we know this upcoming game against the Redskins won't be bigger than the playoff game, whenever that is and whoever that will be against.

Say what you want about the fact the Lions and Packers could tie. They could. We've seen a tie this year.

There have been five games ending in a tie in the last 17 seasons. And since 1974, that's 40 years of football games, we've only seen 20 ties.

Could it happen? Yes of course. Would it be significant? Without a doubt. Not only do the Cowboys have a shot to win the No. 1 overall seed in the NFC if the Packers and Lions tied, along with a  Cowboys and Seattle win, but that top spot means you're having a bye and then face the winner of Arizona-Atlanta or Arizona-Carolina. Yeah, that'd be big.

But again, the chances of a tie are appreciably worse than the chances of Romo getting hurt against the Redskins. The last two games he's played Washington, Romo has not been in uniform the following week.

We all remember the first meeting between these two teams back on Oct. 27 when a knee to his back put him out for a few series and then the next week against the Cardinals. Last season in Week 16, Romo suffered another back injury that led to his herniated disk surgery in the offseason.

That's all I need to be convinced.

But it doesn't hurt that he had 14 days after the London trip and had a four-TD game against the Giants. It doesn't hurt that he had 10 days to recover from the Eagles Thanksgiving game and threw for three TDs against the Bears.

When he has rest, he's been really good.

And think about this possibility. It's a real good chance that NBC chooses to put the Cowboys on Saturday night on Jan. 3 for the first playoff game. If Romo played Sunday in Washington, technically it would be a short week to come back from a road trip and lose a day to get ready for the playoffs.

Everyone is all hopeful about the Cowboys possibly getting a bye week. Well, it's not likely going to happen for this team. But it very well could – and in my opinion, should – happen for Romo.

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