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Eatman: Coin-Flip Win Maybe Sign Of Flipping The 2013 Script?


IRVING, Texas - Hey, maybe this 2014 will be a different story, right?

We've already seen one trend bucked, and it happened in Indianapolis of all places: This team won a coin flip – stop the presses!

I take it DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten weren't up there saying "tails never fails" because last year the Cowboys couldn't win a coin flip to save their playoff lives.

For something that is supposed to be 50-50, this team was anything but average when it came to flipping a coin. The Cowboys won just three coin flips all last year. And after the Nov. 3 game against the Vikings at home when they won the toss, the Cowboys didn't win another pregame coin toss over the last seven weeks.

Does it matter in the grand scheme of the game? Not really, although sometimes it's nice to have the decision on taking the ball now or in the second half. But if you're better than your opponent, it doesn't matter.

This coin toss the Cowboys won on Wednesday in Indianapolis is rather significant, giving the club the 16th pick in the draft over the Ravens, who will select 17th in the first round.

You might say that picking 16 or 17 doesn't matter much because it's still in the middle of the first round. And that's true. However, don't forget who is running the show and what he likes to do when he gets in that War Room. Jerry Jones becomes "Trader Jerry" when he's in there and having the 16th pick.

Point values vary when you're looking at draft charts. Teams often have different values but for the most part, the difference between the 16th and 17th pick is around 50 points, and that's the equivalent of a late fourth-round pick.

But I went a little deeper into the difference of 16 vs. 17 with this scenario. [embedded_ad]

Let's say the Cardinals (20th pick) wanted to move up a few spots. If the Cowboys picked 17, they'd get a high-fourth round pick by swapping picks with Arizona. But at 16, they'll likely receive a mid-third round pick. Obviously the two teams would have to throw in other picks to even it out since Arizona wouldn't have a high-fourth, but you get the picture.

Now, history shows picking 17 is better for the Cowboys, who selected both Mel Renfro and Emmitt Smith at No. 17. They also got Kevin Brooks and Kevin Smith.

The only time they've ever selected No. 16 occurred in 1961, when they picked lineman E.J. Holub, who never played for the Cowboys because he chose to play in the AFL with the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs franchise. Holub is now in the Chiefs' Hall of Fame.

None of that stuff really matters now. All that matters is how the Cowboys handle this No. 16 pick. Let's see if winning the coin toss can create some much-needed change around here.

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