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Eatman: Felix Picked A Good One For His Best

I know sometimes we seemed to get caught up in the big picture way too much around here. When someone plays poorly, then he just can't cut it in this league. Or if he's played very well, then he's arrived.

Sometimes, we look at a performance and call it the best or worst ever. So I say all that to get to this: I'm not so sure Felix Jones didn't play his best game as a professional Monday night against the Redskins. In fact, I'm pretty sure he gave us his best run from scrimmage as well.

Again, we tend to get caught in the moment and nothing is fresher on our minds than Monday's game. But when it comes to simply doing the necessary things for an every-down back, Jones displayed that against the Redskins.

Jones ran for a career-high 115 yards and ripped off a 29-yard scamper and then a 40-yard run,  which to me was the best run I've seen from him since he joined the Cowboys. Felix made a move in the hole and then used his speed to split two defenders. And once he got in the open field, Jones decided not to run out of bounds, but instead lower his shoulder – the right shoulder that was dislocated last week – and ram right into a defender for extra yards. It was not only a big play, but needed as the Cowboys were trailing by four.

All in all, the night wasn't too bad for a guy who hadn't produced a run longer than eight yards in the first two games.  Yes, it was just his second 100-yard rushing game for Jones, who also had a 143-yard game in the playoffs.

But it wasn't just the rushing for Felix. He was a blocker, he caught three passes for 40 yards out of the backfield and even recovered two fumbles that kept the possession alive.

Now, Jones did get banged up towards the end of the game and has to give way to Tashard Choice. But Jones is expected to practice this week and be back in the lineup for Sunday's game with Detroit.

Who knows maybe he'll have a game that will make us forget this past one. That's usually the way it works.   

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