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Eatman: Once Again, Selecting Training Camp MVP Easy Task

This is the time of year when we typically try to deliver the end-of-camp highs and lows. Our analyst and former scout Bryan Broaddus, who has watched numerous practice film here in camp, has a completely breakdown of camp.

But we've decided to pick our camp MVP. Once again, it's pretty easy to me.

I'm sure I picked Dez Bryant last year and without a doubt, Dez Bryant gets the honor for me yet again.

What's even more remarkable is how much scrutiny surrounded him as he entered camp. He had just been arrested about 10 days before leaving for California for domestic violence, stemming from an incident with his mother. In between that incident and going to camp, Bryant's mother did announce she would not press charges, but still, there's question whether or not the NFL will suspend Bryant for his actions.

Despite that cloud hanging over his head, Bryant was just short of phenomenal in practice. He caught nearly every pass thrown his way, and found a way to dazzle the crowds seemingly every day with highlight-reel type catches.

I know Josh Ellis picked Brandon Carr as his MVP of camp and honestly, it's not a bad pick at all. In fact, watching Carr as the only player on the team to stop and sign autographs for the fans on the team's final day of camp, was another sign of what a camp stud he has been.

But saying that, it was clear Bryant and Carr had a little friendly rivalry going on. The top receiver and top corner in most of the practices went head to head often and it's not a stretch to say Bryant got the best of Carr most of the time. Carr was close to making the play several times, but it seemed like Bryant was always coming down with a big catch here, or a diving catch there.

Even in that game Monday in Oakland, where the offense couldn't do anything in the first half – it was Bryant coming up with a big catch of 24 yards to provide the only highlight.

With or without the off-field issues, Bryant was spectacular here at camp. But adding that baggage into the equation and Bryant was my easy choice for Camp MVP.

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