Eatman: Win Or Lose, No Coaching Change

It's a results-oriented business. I think we all understand that. But sometimes we have different perceptions regarding the word "results."

So while there have been some rumblings, mainly from the fans but also a little through the media, that Jerry Jones might consider a coaching change if the Cowboys lose to the Giants on Sunday, I think that should probably go in the "absurd" category.

It's not going to happen. Sorry for those who like to change things every year and really could care less about continuity or trying to build something here. But as Jones said last week on his radio show . . . Garrett is "just getting started."

I really don't think Jones will make a move at the head coaching position for a few years, regardless if they miss the playoffs this year and next year.

He really believes he's got the right man for this job in Garrett and he's not going to tinker with that, especially after they finish 8-8 (which I'd hate to say, would be an improvement from last  year) and do it in a year with no offseason.

I'm sort of a believer that all coaches – in any profession – should get a full year with an offseason. And Garrett hasn't had that. I really think they should get two or three years.

I think it was on the CBS pregame show when former Bengals quarterback and current NFL analyst Boomer Esiason suggested the losing coach of Sunday night's game between the Cowboys and Giants would be fired. I can't speak for anything that goes on with the Giants, but I do know that Tom Coughlin has been there for much longer than Garrett. So the situations are different.  

But usually coaches get fired based off expectations. If this team goes 8-8, based off last year's team and the fact they slashed payroll and only added a few pieces, I can't think that would be a huge surprise.

Now going 8-8 after you were 7-4 following a Thanksgiving Day win should be marked as a huge disappointment or letdown.

Has Garrett had a few mistakes? Of course. He's still a young coach. And not just a young head coach, but a young coach all together. Just like Tyron Smith or Dez Bryant or Sean Lee, they're young players who have flashed potential but still have work to do.

The same could and should be said for Garrett. He deserves to be here for a while and he will be. Regardless what happens Sunday night.     

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