Evaluating Last 20 Years Of 16th Overall Pick Offers Mixed Bag


Now that we know exactly where the Cowboys are picking, it's time to see if history can provide some insight to the type of player the team could get come early May.

Looking back to the 20 years of the 16th overall pick, it's a wide variety of talent. Like any spot in the draft, you're going to have a mixed group of future Hall of Famers and big-time busts.

Troy Polamalu is likely the best player chosen 16th overall since 1994. Not far behind would be Santana Moss, Jevon Kearse and Hugh Douglas.

Of course, on the flip side, players such as Justin Harrrell, Larry English, Shawn Andrews and Williams Green.

Last year, Buffalo took E.J. Manuel as the second quarterback selected No. 16 in the Super Bowl era, and the first since Dan McGwire in 1991.

But looking back over the years, only one player has even gone to the Hall of Fame as the 16th pick – and he wasn't bad. Jerry Rice will probably be joined one day by Polamalu but that's it when it comes to elite players.

Right in the middle of the draft hasn't proven to be a quality spot to land superstars. Here's a look at the last 20 years of the 16th overall pick.

2013 – E.J. Manuel, QB, Buffalo
2012 – Quinton Coples, DE, NY Jets
2011 – Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Washington

2010 – Derrick Morgan, DE, Tennessee

2009 – Larry English, LB, San Diego

2008 – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DB, Arizona

2007 – Justin Harrell, DT, Green Bay

2006 – Jason Allen, DB, Miami

2005 – Travis Johnson, DT, Houston

2004 – Shawn Andrews, G, Philadelphia

2003 – Troy Polamalu, DB, Pittsburgh

2002 – William Green, RB, Cleveland

2001 – Santana Moss, WR, NY Jets

2000 – Julian Peterson, LB, San Francisco

1999 – Jevon Kearse, DE, Tennessee

1998 – Kevin Dyson, WR, Tennessee

1997 – Reidel Anthony, WR, Tampa Bay

1996 – Duane Clemons, DE, Minnesota

1995 – Hugh Douglas, DE, NY Jets

1994 – Aaron Taylor, G, Green Bay

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