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Focused On SF, Ryan Admits NYJ Loss Stings

Without a doubt, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan looks to be focused on the task at hand this week, which includes a trip to San Francisco here in Week Two.

But he's always been someone that tells it like it is. So when asked when he completely got over the disappointing loss to the Jets in the brotherly matchup with his twin Rex, Rob Ryan told the truth once again.

"Well, coach speak . . .Monday," Rob Ryan answered. "But honestly, probably Thursday. But we're ready to go. We've got a nice plan here. We're ready to go against these guys."

Back in training camp, Ryan said he could remember every regular season game he's ever coached. That being said, he admitted it's not always easy to put the game in the rearview mirror.

"It's an unfortunate part of this business. Last few years, we've lost a lot of games and I'm sick of it," Ryan said. "They're harder. Each loss seems to be harder. I'm here to win and I know we're going to win. I know we're good enough to win. We just have to step it up and keep them out of the end zone."

As for his battle with his brother, Rob Ryan said Rex didn't go easy on his brother this week.

"Yeah, and he left some really unflattering messages, but it's to be expected," Rob said. "And it's coming back to him one of these days. No compassion there at all. There was nothing PG about it. It was R or worse."

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