Further Review: What Really Happened in Philly

**Stat of the Game:** The Cowboys were stopped behind the line of scrimmage on 10 different plays Sunday. Four of those were sacks on Ben DiNucci, who fumbled twice – once leading to a touchdown. But six other players were times the Eagles slithered through into the backfield to either stop Zeke or snuff out the reverse runs and other trick plays the Cowboys ran often.

There was a lot more fight from the Cowboys in this game, one in which they had a shot to win in the final minutes. But in the end, it wasn't enough as the Cowboys fell to the Eagles, 23-9.

Before we move on to Pittsburgh, let's take one last further review at the key players, moments, milestones and stats from this game.

The Cowboys have now lost three straight games, although this one had a different feel to it. Dallas had its chances before falling in the end. Let's look back once more at the key moments in Philly.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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