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Game Balls: Broaddus Gives Credit to Rookie LB, Play-Caller


Offensive Game Ball: Miles Austin

I was not one bit surprised that Miles Austin had the type of game that he had tonight. Everything he has done in training camp was leading to this type of performance. He looks healthy, focused and driven. While he is no longer the lead dog in the sled, that appears to be OK in his book. His routes are being run with a physical nature, but he is finding ways to finish the play. I feel like he is seeing the ball better, and when he is able to do that, he will put his hands in position to make the catch. It was an explosive night for him.

Defensive Game Ball: DeVonte Holloman

This club has played four preseason games and this is the second time that I've given rookie DeVonte Holloman a game ball. This kid does not play like a rookie. He competes with awareness and a physical nature, although his best trait is his ability to just simply make plays when this team needs them the most. He is showing the ability to have a well-rounded game. He plays the run with power, and he has really solid ball skills, but now he has been asked to blitz and again he was able to create a sack. He beat Rex Burkhead around the corner with a nice swim move to drop quarterback Josh Johnson in the backfield for a nice loss. He is becoming one of those players who is making a case to be more than just a part-timer.

Coaches Game Ball: Bill Callahan [embedded_ad]

I have always believed that with Bill Callahan calling the plays, there was going to be more patience with the offense. The game did not start off well with the Cowboys' field position and some negative plays, but Callahan kept pounding the ball and it opened up some opportunities down the field with the play-action pass. Of the team's 75 plays, Callahan called for the rush on 43 of them, which appeared to be just what the offense needed. The offensive line, tight ends, receivers and backs all had a hand in a ground attack that produced 154 yards – clearly a step in the right direction for a club that rushed the ball so poorly in 2012. It was an outstanding display of toughness and execution by this offense.

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