Garrett Explains Two Critical Calls

ARLINGTON, Texas --Preserve their 24-point halftime lead, and these two calls would mostly be forgotten.

Instead, the Lions wound up tying the largest comeback of any visiting team in NFL history Sunday, so Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was asked about two he made in the 34-30 loss.

First, the Cowboys' failed fourth-and-1 run late in the first quarter, when Felix Jones got stopped at the goal line (turns out settling for a field goal wouldn't have won the game, but punching it in from the 1 would have):

"I felt like we had moved the ball a little bit. It was a play we liked. We were well inside the 1-yard line . . . They did a good job of stopping us there."

Second, Garrett on declining the Lions' fourth-quarter pass interference call, which kept the Lions in field goal range for a 51-yarder that made the score 30-27:

"It's a hard decision. We debated it a little bit. I think the difference was going to be third-and-13 or second-and-23. The chances of them making a third-and-13 aren't great. You balance that with you keeping them in the fringe of field goal range."

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