Garrett Lists A Few Positives Of Camp

The question was asked in Jason Garrett's press conference on Thursday trying to get the head coach to name a few "surprises" in camp.

You knew he wasn't going to answer it exactly. But he did eventually list a few names of players doing well. And that of course, is what we were looking for in the first place.

"No real surprises. I can tell you some positives," Garrett said. "I think Lonyae Miller has done a really nice job. Martellus Bennett has done a really nice job. I think the young offensive linemen who've gotten a lot of snaps who have never seen our system before and now they're in there trying to block these really good defensive players in a fairly complex scheme, I think they've done a really nice job."

Garrett then continued with more positives.

"I like our receiver tandem in Miles Austin and Dez Bryant," Garrett added. "Hopefully we can create some competition behind those guys and find third and fourth and fifth receivers. I think our quarterbacks have played really well.

"I think the whole defense has done a great job responding in this different kind of an offseason to the new defensive system. They haven't seen it before; they're dialed in; they're engaged; they're asking questions; they're making mistakes; they're correcting mistakes; they're talking to each other. I think collectively on the defensive side of the ball they've done a great job embracing what Rob's (Ryan) trying to put in there and what our defensive coaches are trying to put in. We're getting better. We are so far off I can't even tell you."

So basically, everyone is pretty much doing well in the first 10 days of camp.

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