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Garrett Thinks Romo's Looking More Like Himself


OXNARD, Calif. – -Head coach Jason Garrett's starting to see the Tony Romo he's used to.

Romo hasn't always looked like himself throughout camp, particularly on the deep ball, but he connected to multiple receivers on the deep pass in Saturday's practice and is expected to practice once again Sunday.

"I thought he had a really good day," Garrett said. "He looked like himself. Obviously having the time off prior to the game and after the game I think was good for him. Our thing all along with him has been monitor the work, communicate, get great feedback and then make our next best decision, and I think we've done that up to this point."

Garrett could tell from Romo's expressions that he felt more comfortable. That showed in his throws and throughout Saturday's practice, particularly on deep passes to Terrance Williams and Gavin Escobar. 

He also seemed to get through the practice all right, considering he's going again Sunday.

"He didn't look quite like he was working through something," Garrett said. "We'll have to see how he handled that work. He got a good dose of it yesterday. We'll see how he feels today as we proceed with the plan the rest of the week."

Garrett hasn't committed to a specific plan for Romo through the rest of camp or through the season. Instead, the quarterback will be monitored every day to see how he feels.

Photos from Saturday's afternoon practice in Oxnard.

While Garrett's not planning too far ahead, the idea is that Romo will be ramped up as camp goes along.

"I think you just kind of use your eyes," Garrett said. "How does he look, how is he moving around, how does the ball come out of his hand, how is the ball traveling through the air? Can he make all the throws, can he move spontaneously like we're all so accustomed to seeing? Can he make the kind of throws and plays that he's made? So you just simply use your eyes, and say, 'Boy, does he look the same? How's he doing?'

"Sometimes when you have a back issue, you kind of spin off your throws a little bit instead of standing there and driving and kind of snapping it. You kind of roll over in kind of an extreme Joe Namath motion – if you can picture that. That's been an issue for him, and the thing that we have to monitor is making sure he's not compensating something technically."

That said, Garrett likes what he's seen recently from the quarterback, who appears to be making progress daily.

Here are more notes from Garrett's press conference Sunday afternoon.

  • Garrett complimented what Orlando Scandrick's been able to do in camp and described him as leader of the team. He said Scandrick's gotten more comfortable as an outside player, and his good instincts have helped him become one of the better players on the team.
  • The Cowboys will scrimmage the Raiders this coming week, and Garrett said it's fantastic to work against another team because it changes the atmosphere and the routine of camp. The competition increases, but that said, Garrett doesn't want it to get out of hand. The Cowboys a couple years ago took part in physical practices with the Chargers that probably went farther than anticipated in that regard. Garrett said it can turn into six, seven or eight fights if it's not monitored the right way, and he talked to Raiders coach Dennis Allen about keeping the practices extremely competitive without crossing the line. [embedded_ad]
  • Garrett described Dan Bailey as one of the best kickers he's been around in a long time. He's not worried about Bailey not having competition in camp, because he believes his kicker is physically and mentally strong enough to stay consistent on his own.
  • Regarding the farther extra point being implemented throughout the league in the preseason, Garrett said he's curious to see the league's reactions and will reserve his judgment on how he feels about it. He did say the new kick heightens everyone's attention and increases the uncertainty, giving teams more of an opportunity to block the kick.
  • Garrett wouldn't project whether or not there will be a fullback on the roster this year, only saying the position is important for the team.
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