Garrett, Vick Have Different Views For Desperation Word

IRVING, Texas -Michael Vick and Jason Garrett disagree on the definition of the word "desperation."

Either that, or they just reach the level of desperation at different points. On Wednesday, both men were asked questions about the subject of desperation and they both responded with very different answers.

In his Wednesday morning press conference Garrett was asked if he was coaching a "desperate football team."

"A desperate football team? I wouldn't say that at all," Garrett said. "You've heard me use the word urgent a lot around here. We believe in urgency 365 days out of the year. That's where we are right now. We have to be urgent in our preparation on Wednesday, getting ready for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday."

Later that day, Vick was asked if he would liken this Sunday's matchup between the Eagles and Cowboys to a "Desperation Bowl." Unlike the usually unruffled Garrett, Vick was much more willing to concede to such a claim.

"Yeah, it is, man," Vick said. "Both teams are 3-5. We got to find a way to win. We both got to find ways to win.  We got to find ways to get that edge and play good, sound football for four quarters."

Last season, the Eagles were also 3-5 and eventually 3-6 before turning it around finishing the year with an 8-8 record, including two wins over the Cowboys by a combined score of 54-14.

Whether you want to call it "desperation" or "urgency" there is no doubt a great deal of importance to this game. Both teams are three wins behind in the race for the division lead and currently two wins behind the second wild-card spot in the playoff picture.

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