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Getting to Know… Rookie Safety Justin Taplin-Ross Needs Reps


Name: Justin Taplin-Ross
Position: Safety
Height/Weight:6-3, 225
Age: 23
College: Utah
NFL Exp:Rookie
How Acquired: FA for '12
Hometown:Vista Murrieta, Cal.

Fitting in:Justin Taplin-Ross was in the process of signing with Dallas as a rookie free agent prior to 2011's training camp, but he did not pass his physical after suffering a torn ACL and having surgery at his collegiate pro day. He missed the entire season, but the Cowboys kept in contact with him and signed him on Jan. 11 of 2012.* *

So Far:Taplin-Ross has failed to turn heads thus far in training camp. His size allows for the potential to do a lot of things and he has shown flashes here and there in training camp, but he was unable to stand out in the few plays he was in against Oakland. He will really have to take advantage of the final three preseason games in order to separate himself from some of the other young safeties on the team.* *

Best Asset:Taplin-Ross credits his versatility as a player being the best asset he brings to the table. He said,  "If they need someone who will go as hard as they can on special teams…If they need someone to come in at safety or they're in a position  for a safety coming down and play like a linebacker I have the body type for that. I can be in the goal line package and be someone who will throw his body around, down after down."* *

You Should Know:Despite growing up in California, the Cowboys have been Taplin Ross' "favorite team since birth." Last season he was in a unique and frustrating situation because he knew that he could have had a chance to be a member of the team, but was still a huge fan. He was so emotionally involved that the frustration of watching his the team lose games last season caused incredible stress for him. In fact, he claims that some losses caused him to lock himself in a dark room with no noise while he threw up and developed painful migraines.

Talking Point:"This team means a whole lot to me, so being out here means I'm going to give my all every play."

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