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Home Again, Crayton Has No Hard Feelings

One day after he playfully said his new team would "beat up" on the Cowboys, Chargers wide receiver Patrick Crayton said it wasn't strange to be back at Valley Ranch for Thursday's practice.

But other than a small shoving incident with Jason Hatcher, there weren't many fireworks from the outspoken Crayton.

"It's still work for me," Crayton said. "You have to treat it every day like it's work. I'm just on the different side now. No, it's not strange, not strange at all. It feels like I'm back at home. I'm back on this great field again. It's like a putting green. I love it. It was good."

And for the most part, Crayton said the reaction from his former teammates was good. When asked if he received hugs or shoves, Crayton replied with . . . "well, a little of both. But it's all good and it's all in fun."

And while Crayton hasn't exactly been quiet after being traded to San Diego a year ago, he didn't offer any negativity towards his former team.

"I had a wonderful six years. I'm very grateful to Mr. Jones and this organization for what they did for me," Crayton said. "There will never be any hard feelings for me. There will always be motivation. You have to prove every day that you can play in this league."
Asked if he sees the irony in being a solid No. 3 receiver for the Cowboys, who not only are looking for a quality third receiver but might be scanning the waiver wire in a couple of weeks, Crayton jokingly quipped back.

"Well, I don't know what to tell them because I won't be available."

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