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How Dan Quinn Balances Game Prep, HC Interviews


FRISCO, Texas – One of the storylines that has been mentioned all throughout the week is the amount of preparation the Cowboys have on a short week compared to the extra day of rest for the 49ers.

While the Cowboys have downplayed it all week, it certainly won't be an easy task for any coordinator to get ready for a 49ers team that has won 11 straight games, especially on a short week.

But Dan Quinn isn't complaining about it. In fact, he's got another situation that is taking up some of his time and attention. Quinn once again is a candidate for some of the vacant head coaching jobs around the NFL. Quinn has met with the Colts and Broncos this week.

"I get that this is a story and so I'll answer one question because it's been brought up. With respect to a team you're visiting with, it's up to them to share any details as you go," Quinn said. "With respect to our team, I really only want to talk about the most important thing, which is our game (Sunday)."

But the reason Quinn isn't expecting it to be a distraction comes down to that word once again … preparation.

Quinn said he actually prepared for this hypothetical moment in the offseason.

"What I did through the spring and through the summer, that's where I did all of my preparation," Quinn said. "I actually have done this a few times before. I've interviewed during the playoffs in my time with Seattle, so that experience helped me make sure my process better be straight and organized and you're going. In the spring and summer, I planned for us to be in the playoffs, so I planned for these conversations, if I was fortunate enough to have them. I didn't want to have to do anything differently. Respectfully, I'd like to focus on the game and hope you guys understand that. Doing the work early, like most things, allows you to really feel relaxed so you don't have to do anything different."

Quinn is expected to meet with Denver officials this week. He actually interviewed for the Broncos head coaching job last year. Denver hired Nathaniel Hackett but fired him after just 15 games this season.

The Cowboys gave Quinn a new contract this past offseason but the veteran coach, who has been a head coach of the Falcons and defensive coordinator for the Seahawks, has said all year that he would entertain any potential head coaching job if the "right situation" came along.

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