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Hurns Impressed By Dak's Leadership; Already Seeing On-Field Chemistry

FRISCO, Texas– When Allen Hurns signed his two-year contract back in March, he was obviously the new guy on the team. 

That probably lasted a few days as he went around meeting his new teammates and coaches. 

But fast-forward here to late May as the Cowboys are in the middle of their first week of OTA practices, and Hurns isn't the new guy anymore. In fact, so much has changed that he's now one of the veteran leaders. 

And he's never even taken a snap for this team.

More than anything, that's just another example of how the Cowboys have changed dramatically in a couple of months, especially in the passing game that no longer has Dez Bryant, Jason Witten or even Ryan Switzer. 

"Yeah, it's been crazy," Hurns said recently. "It's a lot different now than when I got here, and I've only been here a little bit. But I knew there was going to be some of that (turnover). For me, I'm just focused on the guys we've got here and trying to build that bond. We actually all started working together a couple of weeks earlier than (the start of OTAs), so I was really surprised by that." 

And that's not the only surprise Hurns has seen in his short time here in Dallas. The former Jaguars receiver has worked with his share of young quarterbacks, having been in Jacksonville for Blake Bortles' development. 

But when asked about leadership, Hurns said he doesn't see an issue on this team, especially with Dak Prescott calling the shots.

"He's the main man right there," Hurns said with a smile. "I really was impressed by him and what he's able to do. He's only in his third year, but you can see he has everyone's respect, and it's earned. He's not afraid to tell guys to pick it up. But he does it in a way where guys will rally around him." 

More than just his leadership, Hurns said his rapport with Prescott on the field is something he's excited about. 

"We're really working together a lot," Hurns said of his quarterback. "I think I'm getting a good feel for his game and he's getting the chance to do the same with me. I think we're building some great chemistry."

Whether it was overblown or not, the lack of great chemistry was something that seemed to be an issue between Prescott and Bryant over the last two years. But Hurns isn't worried about that aspect. In fact, he's got his own personal hurdles to overcome from the last couple of seasons. 

"I know I've got to stay healthy. This is a big year for me," Hurns said. "I've missed 11 games or so in the last two years. We talk about being accountable, but I have to stay healthy. So I've been working on a few things, whether it's with my diet or workouts, to try and help that." 

Without a doubt, the Cowboys will be hoping for that as well. Especially now that he's one of the more established receivers on this team. Even if he's one of the "new guys." 

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