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Jenkins Ends Silence; Says Never Demanded Trade; Ready To Work


OXNARD, Calif**. - The summer-long silence Mike Jenkins has displayed ended after the first walk-through practice Monday here in Oxnard.

While he's still rehabbing his shoulder injury and probably a couple of weeks away from practice, Jenkins did his best to clarify a few reports that have lingered this offseason.

"A lot of it is way off," Jenkins said. "I never asked for a trade. A lot of people are going to talk and make assumptions. It's not my job to try to correct it. My focus is to get better healthy and get back on the field."

Asked to clarify what exactly was falsely reported, Jenkins said "a lot of statements . . . a lot of statements" have been floated around that are not true.

"Ya'll have gotten any quotes out of me yet," Jenkins said. "As long as it hasn't come out of my mouth, I don't understand how people come up with a lot of things. But that's not my job. My job is to get healthy and try to help the team out."

One of the reports Jenkins is referring to is his overall happiness, especially considering this is a contract year for him and the Cowboys signed Brandon Carr in free agency and then traded up to get Morris Claiborne with the No. 6 overall pick.

"They called me after the fact and let me know," Jenkins said. "It's a business. It's not for me to get mad. I was in the same situation when I came in (2008). I feel like it's the best man wins. It's going to make everyone better at the end of the day."  

Coach Jason Garrett said he is hoping Jenkins will be ready to return to practice soon and possibly playing in a couple of the final preseason games.

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