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Jerry Not Ruling Out OBJ Signing For The Playoffs


FRISCO, Texas – One day after adding a veteran Pro Bowl receiver who could help right away, the Cowboys still aren't moving on from the possibility of signing Odell Beckham Jr.

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones said on 105.3 "The Fan" on Tuesday that despite the addition of T.Y. Hilton, who could play this week against the Jaguars, he still has interest in adding Beckham.

"I wouldn't go that far if you include the playoffs," Jones said when asked about moving on from OBJ. "We wouldn't have been interested in Odell had he not had the talent. I think it's fair to say that he's an outstanding receiver... he's as you well know, not ready to play. He's a receiver that I think would fit any time. There's going to be continued interest in Odell."

But no mistake, Jones sounded even more excited about the addition of Hilton, a four-time Pro Bowler who has played 10 seasons for the Colts.

"I've always admired him as the player he was in Indianapolis," Jones said. " I knew he was picking his team so to speak. He had a lot of interest out there. He of course, was interested in what we're doing and what we're doing at this time. It was an opportunity for us and we took it. He can really help us out. He's really one of the smartest receivers that I can remember."

Jones commented on Hilton's position flex and speed, but it sounds like his availability to play now, something Beckham can't offer at the moment, is a plus.

"(Hilton) also brings a ton of experiences. That's big, real big because we want him to step in immediately," Jones said. "He's seen the kind of routes that we're going to run. I think he's a real pick-up for us that will frankly hit the ground running and immediately give us some help.

"He's ready to fit and ready to go."

And it sounds like Jones is hopeful he can say the same about Beckham in the next month.

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