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Jones Backs Garrett's Play-Calling Decisions

IRVING, Texas -- His head coach's play-calling the subject of public debate this week, Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones reiterated his support of Jason Garrett's dual role as offensive coordinator, saying on KRLD-FM Tuesday, "There's no one that I'd rather have make the decisions regarding our football team right now on an offensive play-call."

Jones himself discussed with the media the Cowboys' conservative three-and-out series with 3:36 remaining and a three-point lead, saying, " . . . We flipped a coin and it came up against us. If you were in a playoff game, you'd probably drive it home. You always second-guess whether or not we should have tried to run a little offense down there instead of running it three times."

Tuesday, Jones said, "I would say that probably if I had that to do over again, I wouldn't comment, period. I wouldn't even answer a question about it. I was asked the questions and you can always say, 'No comment.'

"There's absolutely no issue that I have with Jason Garrett's play calling. I want to get that real clear."

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