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Jones Endorses Wade For Entire Year

Jerry Jones has been asked about Wade Phillips' job security seemingly after every loss this season.

He has said repeatedly that he's not comfortable making an in-season change. Asked point blank on his Friday radio segment (KRLD-105.3 FM) whether Phillips would coach the rest of the year, Jones' response was succinct: "Yes."

Jones reiterated his approach to continuity again after the Cowboys' loss to Jacksonville, saying, "You all know that I am not in any way for making changes. I have always thought our best chance to win was when you've got three-day weeks and you've got to get ready to go to play a team, our best chance to win is to continue to be coached and continue to do some of those things as there's not enough time to change."

Got a feeling this isn't the last time the subject will be broached with nine weeks left, but we're obligated to update as it goes.

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