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Jones: No Concern With Dez; Staying Smart With Romo


OXNARD, Calif. – A late practice Saturday also included a moment for owner/general manager Jerry Jones to meet with reporters on a day where Dez Bryant and DeMarcus Ware were among a small group of players getting the day off.

The veteran days at practice have become more routine recently, as some of them recover from past injuries and others just get a little extra time to recover between practices.

Jones discussed a variety of topics Saturday, including his thoughts on how to monitor Bryant and quarterback Tony Romo, as well as why AT&T was a good fit for the stadium.

Is there any concern about Dez Bryant's health?

Jones: No concern whatsoever. That's just precautionary.

Considering the injuries, are you worried at all with the defensive end position?

Jones: Worry is not the word. The neat thing about these preseason games, is we have the time to see these guys work through. We're starting to see Bass and some of those guys show us something. That's a good thing. After (Sunday),  we'll be conservative up there next week too, going up there to Canton.

Were you surprised Romo's playing status for Canton was a big deal?

Jones: Well no. We just want to use our head. We've got five games to get the work in we think is good. We'll just use our head. We obviously want to see all these guys at the quarterback spot. But I didn't know there is (anything) about it. Is there? Here he is, he's coming back, working himself into shape, I think really what Jason meant was with all these guys with a fifth game, we'll use our head and be sensible about it.

Has Romo looked good to you?

Jones: Very good. I like what he's doing. He's benefitting not only from on the field but off the field stuff. A lot of the stuff you're seeing out there is him and some of his things. Really good. Sit in on most of the after practice offensive meetings, and I know it's going good from their perspective in those meetings.

Do you see any limitations after his surgery?

Jones: I'm not seeing any differences. Maybe I see him playing into shape. He looks a little more comfortable out there when he started.

Are you worried about right tackle competition with Jermey Parnell being out?

Jones: No, because he is out. What I thought and hoped was that Parnell and Free would have a big competition, but that is not in jeopardy right now at all. Free is playing well, but we do want that competition to be there. That would be my only concern.

But I haven't been told anything by doctors or trainers that we won't see that competition in a big way. [embedded_ad]

How can the revenue generated from the stadium name deal improve the team?

"We'll always be spending it for interesting things. There's not room for another center-hung scoreboard, but we'll be coming up with things that make it a fan experience. I did say something, and it's a fact, if you look at the time I bought the Cowboys, I always put everything we get into the franchise and the team, and that's what I wanted. Frankly, I've had my family in an informal moment say, 'Dad, we believe you'd rather create a dollar's worth of revenue for the Cowboys than $10 worth of revenue in oil and gas or real estate.' I said, 'Is it that obvious?' But it also does other things. That's my passion. That's what we want to do. I want to use any skills I've got to help create in that area, but it also can create awareness and create best practices or better practices for the league."

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