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Lee Says Head Coach Picks His Spots, But Vocal When Needed

After a win, it's never discussed. But after a loss, and especially one in which the Cowboys were beaten at the line of scrimmage for most of the day, the demeanor of the head coach, this one in particular comes into question.

Jason Garrett has always been characterized as intense, but not in a scream-and-yell fashion like some of his colleagues and predecessors.

And after a loss, phrases like "teams carry the same personality as its head coach" will get tossed around.

For linebacker Sean Lee, he said Garrett's style of coaching and his demeanor on the sidelines and in the locker room is exactly the right approach.

"What he does is great, He's able to look at it objectively and tell us what we did wrong and why we lost and let's move on," Lee said of Garrett. "Every team is going to lose this year. The best teams in the league respond from it, learn from it and get better. That's something he really preaches and I believe in that too."

Where Garrett is criticized the most is not being more vocal.

"His responses are always appropriate. Whatever he needs to do to motivate… he does and that's why I think he's so effective because he's objective about it," Lee said. "Whenever he thinks there's an issues, he addresses it the right way. He's able to identify what the problem is, if he needs to scream and yell, he'll scream and yell. Or if it's another thing we need to do, he'll do that.

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