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Longshots: Rookie WR Eagan Needs Beasley-Like Production At Camp

(Editor's Note: Training camp is an important time of year for the NFL's undrafted free agents, as unknown players will fight to earn roster spots all over the league. The Cowboys have an especially rich history with undrafted free agents, given the success of once-unknown players like Tony Romo, Cole Beasley, Lance Dunbar, Jeff Heath and Dan Bailey. This series will seek to preview this year's batch of undrafteds, as well as the challenge that awaits them at training camp. We'll continue the series with wide receiver Ed Eagan.)

Name: Ed Eagan
Height/Weight:5-10 / 198
College: Northwestern State

College Career: One of the more productive players ever to come out of Northwestern State in Louisiana, Eagan left the school with a record of 5,651 all-purpose yards. He set a handful of NSU school records for kickoff returns, but also had 58 catches for 745 yards and four touchdowns last season as a receiver. He played his first nine games of his freshman year at corner before switching to offense for the final three years of his career.

Spring Synopsis: Eagan was able to show his quickness in many of the team and individual drills. Other than Dez Bryant, most of the receivers participated in the majority of the OTA and minicamp practices. Therefore, getting a ton of snaps wasn't easy for rookies such as Eagan. More specifically, he plays the slot receiver role behind Cole Beasley and Lucky Whitehead, who both practiced all summer. On one hand, he didn't get a lot of snaps but he did get mental reps by watching more experienced players

How He Makes It: He's going to have to do more than just be a reliable receiver. If he can return punts or kickoffs and make some plays in the preseason, that will give him a huge lift. Better yet, if Eagan finds a way to make a difference on special teams covering kicks, he will have an even better shot. While rookie receivers get to training camp because of their ability to run routes and catch, the ones that show the ability and willingness to tackle usually separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Eagan started his collegiate career as a cornerback so tackling isn't a foreign concept.

How He Doesn't: While the path has been established by players such as Beasley and Whitehead, they are two of the reasons why Eagan will have a hard time making it on the roster. How many undersized receivers will the Cowboys keep? Beasley is making the team for sure and Whitehead has a leg up on many other receivers because of his return ability. Whitehead also might be the fastest of all of the receivers. Don't forget, the Cowboys will probably have to go heavy at running back and keep three quarterbacks, so some position has to give. It's not likely six receivers will be kept so if it's only five, Eagan has an uphill battle to work his way onto the 53-man roster.

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