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Looking Back, Romo Said Urgency Needed; Still Likes Decision

There are many who are ready to put Sunday's game against the Ravens behind them and move on to Carolina. But considering the controversy that surrounded the final seconds of the 31-29 loss to Baltimore, it's only fair to get all accountable parties a chance to discuss the situation, especially after watching the tape.

Tony Romo meets with the Dallas-Fort Worth media on Thursdays so it his first chance to weigh in on the play, especially from the standpoint it appeared his receiver teammates weren't hustling back to the line of scrimmage.

Here's Romo's take from Thursday: 

Were you frustrated that your receivers didn't hustle back to the line? * *

Romo: We talk all the time about those situations and we obviously wanted to run another play and we had it. When you look back, they had to sprint downfield or whatever it was 30 yards to get back. Just when you look at the time on the clock and everything, it all needs to happen faster to get back in that position. You're on the road, it's really loud, so they can't necessarily hear what's going on after they've just run their routes. So they don't know if you've taken a timeout or what it is and things of that nature. So they obviously now having gone through it know and I think it just needs to feel that sense. 

It seemed you were the only one with urgency? * *

Romo: Well, I definitely had an urgency. I know those situations and what certain things we needed to do. Once it got under a certain number, I also knew that at that point you shouldn't take a chance to snap under 10 seconds just for penalty reasons and things of that nature when you have a timeout. There are certain things and certain times when you know exactly and you're looking at the clock: What you need to do and we weren't in position to do it before with enough time. After that point, then you had to do it. It was right at that point.

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