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Mailbag: Accounting For The Loss Of David Irving? Getting To Dak?

We now know David Irving is officially suspended for the first month of the season. Who do you see as the front-runners to be our starting defensive ends? Right now I see DeMarcus Lawrence at RDE and Taco Charlton at LDE.

Bryan: From what I've seen in these practices, Tyrone Crawford still lines up at LDE and is the starter so Charlton would have to beat him out. Lawrence will have competition from Damontre Moore, Benson Mayowa and Charles Tapper on that right side. I do agree with you about Charlton being on that left side as opposed to the right. 

David:I have been of the opinion this entire offseason that Tyrone Crawford would be better off moving back to defensive tackle, but Irving's suspension might prevent that from happening. If I had to guess, I think it'll be DeMarcus Lawrence on the right side and Crawford on the left side when the season starts. It will be interesting to see how they shuffle the lineup when Irving returns, because you'll only have so many snaps to go around for Irving, Crawford and Taco.

What areas, from last year specifically, do you think defensive coordinators will focus on when playing against Dak this year?

Bryan: They're going to watch the New York Giants games and make him a pocket passer. The Giants did a really nice job of making him throw from there. When Prescott is at his best is when he can throw on the move either left or right and defensive coordinators know that. Their adjustment will be to prevent that. 

David:This is going to sound stupid, but two of Dak's worst games as a rookie came against defenses that had quality secondaries that could cover his targets, as well as solid pass rushers that could make him uncomfortable. If you're going to bother Dak, I think you need to not only keep him in the pocket – but you can't allow him too much time to stand back there. Minnesota and New York both proved that if you're up to that challenge, you can get to him. Fortunately, I just don't think there are that many defenses with similarly talented personnel.

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