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Mailbag: Acquiring A Veteran QB Next Year? Chances Of Re-Signing Mo?

Since our backup QBs aren't getting it done, and Colin Kaepernick could use a new scene, wouldn't it make sense for the Cowboys to go after him in the off season?  He is very mobile with a strong arm, and the O line would keep him off his back.

Bryan: The 49ers are going to have to make a decision by April 1st on Kaepernick. His contract is tricky and would not be one that I would trade for because of guarantees and future payments. Now if he is on the street – then that's a different story. Dallas could be an inviting situation given the age and medical condition of Tony Romo, but there is a side of me that believes that Kaepernick is not interested in sitting behind Romo for two or more seasons waiting to start. I do agree with you that he is a talented player.  

David:Kaepernick is one of a few quarterbacks I expect to hear a lot of questions about – along with Robert Griffin and Johnny Manziel. Anything is possible in this league, especially for the Dallas Cowboys. But I have a hard time believing the Cowboys are going to trade away a fortune, and I highly doubt they'd be willing to take on a large contract. So those are two things I'm looking at. More specific to Kaepernick himself, I'm just not sure he fits what Jason Garrett likes to do offensively.



So at this point what are the Cowboys' chances of signing Claiborne long-term? Or will he be let go to look at other options? Draft perhaps?*

Bryan: I am sure that Dallas would like to sign Claiborne back, but would he want to return here? I have said all along that I thought Claiborne would take an opportunity to look at a fresh start elsewhere. He is saying the right things in the locker room, but his experience has been less than perfect due to his health and with teammates. The draft is the best avenue in my opinion and with likely high selections throughout the rounds – that replacement can be found cheaper.

David:It's obviously been a frustrating four year for Mo. But if there's a silver lining for the Cowboys, it's that his struggles may make him easier to re-sign. He's battled several injuries, and he only has three career interceptions. Even if the Cowboys do manage to bring him back to the fold, I don't think it changes the need for more corners. Brandon Carr will be entering the last year of a huge contract, and Orlando Scandrick is recovering from major injury. You can never have enough corners.

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