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Mailbag: Adapting The Offense For Moore? Young Players To Watch?

What kind of wrinkle to you expect to see from OC Linehan with Moore starting his second game? Possibly more bootlegs to get him out of the pocket where he can see more of the field?

Bryan: That was something I thought he would have done more last week. He did try one time with James Hanna and it was executed well for a nice gain. I do believe you will see more of that this week.  

David:Given Moore's size, I'd like to see a little more of the quick passes they used in Buffalo. They ran a handful of short routes and receiver screens last weekend, but Moore's accuracy and decision-making could make that effective if they go to it more often.


After seeing guys like Brice Butler and Deji Olatoye get significant time and make some plays in the Buffalo game, can we expect to see other young guys/backups given their opportunity to step up against Washington? If so, who should we be looking for?

Bryan: Keep an eye on Damien Wilson, Mark Nzeocha and maybe Chaz Green. Those are all draft picks that could use a snap or two. To be honest, I would play this game like a fourth preseason game and get as much time for these guys as you can.

David:I'd really like to see Chaz Green get a look this weekend, so I hope Bryan is right in that regard. I'm also interested to see Olatoye again, assuming Morris Claiborne can't go. As long as we're throwing out names, maybe this would be a good opportunity to see what Rod Smith can do in the backfield? He's hung around the roster for half the season, but he has just two carries to show for it.

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