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Mailbag: Adding A Veteran Backup QB? Trading Back Into The First Round?


I have heard a lot about Robert Griffin III, but what about Colt McCoy? If he becomes available, what does it cost Dallas to go after him and would this take care of our backup quarterback situation?*

Bryan:Colt McCoy made $1.5 million last season while in Washington. He will see a significant jump in his salary this off season. In talking to several players, they would like to see the front office make a run at McCoy. There is a great deal of respect for his ability and how he would handle the situation as Tony Romo's backup. What might hold this up, is the coaching staff's comfort level with Kellen Moore and how they view him going forward. Jerry Jones has proven in the past that he is willing to spend money on a backup quarterback if he feels that he is the right kind of guy. This is a situation that could also affect how they draft if McCoy say is brought in for two seasons.

David:Of all the speculation about the backup quarterback position, Colt McCoy is probably my favorite solution. He's talented, he's experienced and he wouldn't break the bank. He's proven he can win football games when placed in that situation. If the Cowboys could sign him to a modest deal and draft a developmental quarterback at some point next month, I think they'd be on the right track.


According to online value charts, it looks like our second and third round picks could net us the 21st pick in the draft. Could you see anyone there worthy of going up and grabbing? Is there anyone you could see sliding into that range?

Bryan:Going to the New York Jets at 20 might be your best bet. They are a club that is willing to move back and are interested in gaining more selections -- especially high ones like the Cowboys currently own. You are right at the end of your first-round player run. There are likely going to be 18-to-20 names there. Depending how much they like the quarterbacks – that might be a good spot. Not likely, but you might see Ezikel Elliott there or Shaq Lawson on the board depending what they do at No. 4.  

David:I'm fundamentally against trading up, especially if you've got to part ways with multiple picks to do it. That said, if a quarterback – let's say Paxton Lynch – were to fall into that range, I wonder if the Cowboys might be tempted to make a deal. I don't think it'll happen, though. I'm not sure any quarterbacks will fall that far. I also think the No. 34 and No. 67 picks are too valuable to part ways with.

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