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Mailbag: Adding To The Depth At CB? Re-Visiting The QB Discussion

I am surprised that with our only healthy corners being Orlando Scandrick, Brandon Carr and Anthony Brown, that the Cowboys did not make any roster moves to offset the losses of Morris Claiborne and Barry Church. If one of those players happens to get injured during a game, then who will be able to provide the coverage in the secondary? We have already seen Scandrick leave on numerous occasions. Are you concerned about the potential vulnerability of the secondary?

Bryan: The move they are likely to make this week will be to bring Leon McFadden off the practice squad. I understand your concern, but these scouts have had a pretty good run finding young players, plugging them in and getting productivity. Let's see what happens with this McFadden move before we seek other options. 

David:The thought of playing a game with three cornerbacks is awfully concerning, but I would remind you that Byron Jones is capable of playing cornerback in a pinch. On top of that, I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys promote a corner to the active roster for this week, while they figure out what to do with Claiborne.

Simple question: do you believe a Romo return is going to happen with the timing as the only uncertainty, no matter what Dak does? Or can Dak play well enough to keep a healthy Romo off the field for the entirety of the season?

Bryan: I believe if there was no chance of Romo playing, we would not see him aggressively rehabbing the way that he is. Romo is going to play this season and I hate that it's going to come with Prescott likely losing a game. They should pull Prescott on a high and then go with Romo. That way if Romo fails you can go back to Prescott with those positive feelings. 

David:This is the first time all season I have begun to doubt whether Romo will play this year. Watching Dak Prescott lift this team to an overtime win, and then hearing Jerry Jones say Romo should be ready "near the end of the year" certainly makes you wonder if a quarterback switch has taken place. But I do think it's a good bet Romo will have an opportunity. This team hasn't even played half of its schedule yet, and plenty more twists are coming. It seems like a good bet the Cowboys will need both quarterbacks before it's all said and done.


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