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Mailbag: Addressing Offensive Line In The Draft? Sunday's Game Plan?



*Do you think that with all the problems on the offensive line this year that a left guard should be considered with one of our top picks? *

BRYAN:The guard play hasn't been terrible, but I understand your overall concern for the position. I am drafting linemen whether I need them or not. You can never have too many of those guys. That is one area you never want to be held hostage and I don't believe this group will. 

DAVID:If Jonathan Cooper can be re-signed at a reasonable price, I'm totally on board with bringing him back. I think he's played well since winning that job. But if the draft shakes out in such a way that the 
Cowboys can select a top-notch offensive lineman – whether it's guard or tackle – I definitely think that'd be a smart call. The offensive line is the key to this whole roster, so it makes sense to keep investing in it.



What can we expect for play calling this week? Can they repeat last week with the offense running the ball more than throwing? It's been the recipe to winning.

BRYAN:You better be able to block this Giants defense front, which at times they haven't. I will say this, you can make plays against this secondary throwing if you can keep Pierre-Paul and Vernon off Prescott. 

DAVID:I worry a little bit about the weather conditions in this game. It's going to be cold and windy, and it might even snow. That doesn't sound like the ideal conditions to throw in. With that in mind, I'd look toward the ground game early and often against a run defense that ranks last in the league.

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