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Mailbag: Addressing Running Back Depth? Drew Pearson's HOF Chances?



How come no one talks about Drew Pearson not getting in the Hall of Fame? Numbers as good if not better than Lynn Swann. Some of the greatest catches in NFL history.

Rob: Pearson was not among the 27 modern-era semifinalists announced for the 2018 Hall of Fame Class on Tuesday night. (Congrats to first-time semifinalist Everson Walls, by the way.) I do think Pearson has a legit case for Canton. He played in a different era with regard to receiving stats, but I believe the Hall of Fame is an important vessel for telling the great stories of the NFL's history – and Pearson's "Hail Mary" is right up there at the top. Great career.

Bryan: Drew Pearson was a big part of my childhood going to games and by all means should be in that discussion. The problem is that there are so many other players that have initially been left out that the Seniors Committee is struggling to get them all in. 



With still almost half of the season left, it's a little early to start thinking of next year's draft. But the losses lately have me doing just that. Is it possible and smart for the Boys to draft a RB in one of the early rounds? Darren McFadden has been inactive, and Alfred Morris is aging. With Zeke, you don't know what is around the next corner as far as trouble for the young kid. I know we need a lot, but do you think RB should be a priority in rounds 2-4?

Rob: Normally I'd save draft questions for after the season, but with McFadden a healthy scratch last week, this seems to be a timely question. Elliott's suspension ends with two games left this year, so he'll enter the 2018 season ready to go. But yes, McFadden is a free agent after the season, and so is Morris, though he's run the ball well this season. Rod Smith will still be under contract. Depending on what happens with the veteran backups, I could see them looking at a back in the draft.

Bryan: I don't disagree with your point here.Will be interesting what they think of Rod Smith going forward but everything you said is correct. McFadden and Morris will be gone and quality bodies will be needed. Hopefully they can find a guy in that 2-3 round range.

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