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Mailbag: Addressing The Future At MLB? Pressure Of A High Draft Pick?

Not sure how I feel about Rolando McClain. When he seems to "want to" play he plays well, but I'm just not totally sold that his heart is in this. Any chance Damien Wilson could jump in the mix as a starting MLB next season?

Bryan: First off I agree with your question. I do see them trying to work with Wilson at Mike, but I believe the best option would be to draft one. In my early film study two that come to mind are Myles Jack and Reggie Ragland. You could also consider Kendell Beckwith as well.

David:I think this is one of the key issues of the offseason. McClain is inconsistent, and he's one misstep away from a season-long suspension. If they can sign him to another team-friendly deal, then great. Otherwise, I think you need to look to the draft – with the option of using Wilson and Anthony Hitchens behind any potential draft pick.


Does the higher draft choice make the scouting department's job harder, easier or no different? At pick No. 4 you have more options, and hence I would think the pressure is greater to make good picks early in the first round, second round, third round, etc., as opposed to if you had the 21st pick in the draft. So maybe the pressure is greater, but does the workload as far as how much scouting of each player you do stay the same?

Bryan: There is always pressure to draft no matter where you are on the board. What takes that pressure away is if you set the board up in a way where you haven't window dressed it and that every player you have put on it – you would take at that spot. The work load for the scouts is the same regardless of the draft.

David:One of the cool things about working at Valley Ranch is that you get to see bits and pieces of the work those guys put into the draft. I promise you, you would have had no idea the Cowboys were picking 27th in last year's draft based on the amount of legwork they did. I do think the fact that this is the highest the Cowboys have picked in 25 years adds some pressure to the situation – but it's nothing that department shouldn't be able to handle.

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