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Mailbag: Addressing The Pass Rush? Importance of Retaining Will McClay



Why would Will McClay turn down the opportunity to become a GM with the Houston Texans when he is currently below the GM (Jerry Jones) here in Dallas? Was Will promised more personnel decision-making authority (similar to a GM) if he stayed in Dallas?

Bryan: I asked Will why he stayed. He said it wasn't the right time or the right fit. I promise he'll have his day in the sun. This organization is fortunate to have him on staff. Loyalty is a big thing for him.

Rob: The Cowboys have given McClay more influence in personnel matters in recent years, particularly with regard to the draft. I think it's a comfortable situation for him. He's been with the organization over 15 years, his family is here, and he's highly motivated to help bring a championship back to Dallas. He doesn't have the official general manager title, but his role working with the front office is important and the Cowboys certainly value what he brings.



Do you think pass rush needs addressing? I know we came off a good season, but take away D-Law's sacks and it's looking fairly tepid. Next year with Taco still improving, D-Law hopefully tagged, Crawford solid and steady, Gregory is a bonus if he comes back but not in the picture, Tapper will he be here made no impact in two years? I don't think edge rush should be overlooked in the draft or free agency.

Bryan:You never turn your back on pass rushers regardless how many you already have. There aren't as many pass rushers in this draft as there were last season so finding that help won't be as easy.

Rob: The Cowboys did tally 38 sacks this season, their best total since 2011. But I don't think pass rush should ever be overlooked, and that's assuming Lawrence will be back with either a new deal or the franchise tag. It's a position where you can simply never have enough talent. Based on the team's philosophy for several years, I don't see big money spent on anyone but Lawrence. So the question might be, how early do they target more help there in the draft – and is it a bigger need than, say, offensive line or linebacker?

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