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Mailbag: Adjusting Free Agency Approach? Changes To Improve O-Line?



Do you think it's better to target one $6-7 million per year free agent than a few $2 million guys?

Bryan: Sounds like they went for a big fish in Sammy Watkins but couldn't make it work. The problem they've had here lately is identifying the right players so if you spend $6 or $2 million you'd better fix that first. 

Rob: I understand the question, since last year in particular the Cowboys signed several lower-salary guys rather than going for one big free agent. I do think part of their philosophy is to plug as many holes as possible so they can draft purely. It does make it more challenging in a sense because a lower-cost free agent isn't guaranteed to pan out for you.



Since we have three All-Pro offensive linemen and we still struggled last year, how much can our new offensive line coach, Paul Alexander, help this year?

Bryan:Offensive line struggled with health and new pieces. Alexander should help but getting Tyron Smith back on track and adding a real player at left guard instead of a band aid in my opinion make a bigger difference. 

Rob: I don't see sweeping changes in philosophy. Alexander has a track record of developing linemen and adapting to the players he has. The main thing, as Bryan said, is getting Smith healthy and finding consistency at the left guard spot. Remember Jonathan Cooper didn't step in until about a month into the season.

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