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Mailbag: Alfred Morris' Place In The Pecking Order? Linebacker Drills?

What did Alfred Morris do that caused him to fall out of favor with the Cowboys?

Bryan: Nothing. Had a great practice on Wednesday. Has come to camp in great shape, physically looks good and has a great mental attitude. Wish he was able to do some things on special teams but that hasn't been his bag over the years because he was a starter. 

David:I don't think he fell out of favor, he just happens to be the least well-rounded of the three primary backs. Ezekiel Elliott is obviously one of the best running backs in the league, and I think Darren McFadden is a better receiver and contributes more on special teams. But Morris certainly appears ready to have his number called if need be.

In watching the linebacker drills, I noticed a guy throwing a heavy pad at the legs/knees of the players as they finished the drill. Why would they do this, when knee injuries are so easy to occur?

Bryan: Pad is not heavy and if you don't play with your hands to begin with, a knee injury is going to be the least of your problems. 

David:I honestly think that's one of the more important individual drills the linebackers go through, because it helps with your reaction time in getting off blocks. That pad isn't heavy enough to cause significant problems.


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