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Mailbag: Alfred Morris' Prospects? Is Zack Martin Worth The Cost?

Has Alfred Morris really lost that much in his game? I like McFadden, but I thought Morris deserved more opportunities than he was given last year. Will the Cowboys use him more this year or will he continue to be inactive on game days? Is he still the back he was in Washington?

Bryan: Morris is a Pro's pro and will do whatever is asked of him by the staff. From what I saw in the offseason he worked extremely hard in his preparation to be ready for this season. Reality is that coaches want to keep Elliott on the field and they trust McFadden more in blitz pickup, so he plays. I have Morris making the 53-man roster more as an insurance policy due to the ongoing questions with Elliott by the league.

David:Ezekiel Elliott was obviously fantastic last season. But other than that, I really didn't agree with the way the Cowboys managed the rest of their running backs. I will always disagree with the decision to release Darius Jackson, even if it didn't have a large impact on the team. I also thought it was silly the way they demoted Morris down the final stretch of the season. But the reality is that Morris would need a large amount of carries to replicate his success in Washington, and he's not going to get that behind Zeke. But he's worthy of a roster spot as a solid backup – unless the Cowboys can find someone willing to trade for him during roster cuts. I don't know how likely that is, but it could be a mutually beneficial decision.

I know Zack Martin is arguably the best guard in football. But for what he's going to cost, they could probably sign two guards on par with, say, a Ronald Leary. Plus, if La'el Collins works out well at right tackle he'll be in line for a big payday, as well. What, other than market value, makes Martin worth that kind of capital at the least athletic position in football?

Bryan: One advantage I have is get to study Martin daily. Not only does he handle his assignments at an All-Pro level, he makes those around him better. Travis Frederick and Doug Free benefited from his ability when they ran into their share of problems. Jerry Jones is also big on keeping the front of that pocket clean for his quarterbacks -- which Martin is one of the best in the league at.

David:You mention that guard is the least athletic position in football, and you might be right – but that's part of what makes Zack Martin special. That dude is an incredibly gifted athlete, and you can see it in action any time he gets out in space. His partnership with Frederick is a huge part of what makes the running game special, and it obviously makes life easier for the quarterback. On top of that, he's just 26 and has never missed a game, so I feel comfortable investing in him as one of the cornerstones of my offense.

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