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Mailbag: All-Pro Defenders? Sorting Out The Running Back Depth Chart?

Is there anyone on defense, other than Sean Lee, who you see capable of being a perennial All-Pro, like the three offensive linemen?

Bryan: The guy that appears to be making the most progress in his game is Byron Jones, but l also like the future of Maliek Collins, as well. He plays a position where if you put enough big plays and sacks together you become a valuable guy. He has that kind of ability in my opinion. 

David:I'll throw in for Maliek Collins. He is fantastic at getting to the quarterback, which is how you make the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro team on the defensive line. He's also incredibly young, with a ton of room for growth. I'm really excited about his potential.

I am not a big fan of Darren McFadden and his fit in this system. He does not have the explosiveness or the break tackle ability that the other backs seem to have. Plus he is often injured. After watching Rod Smith and Alfred Morris perform in Game 1, is there any possibility that McFadden could be the odd man out in the backfield? Also, what is it that the team sees in practice from him that keeps him as our No. 2 running back?

Bryan: The staff disagrees with you about McFadden and what you see as his value. McFadden is a scheme fit for this team because he can run, catch and more importantly block. The coaches don't want to take the back off the field and McFadden allows them to do just that. He has proven before Elliott was even in the picture that he capable of handling the job --the coaches haven't forgotten that and are comfortable with that approach. 

David:The way the coaches decide to handle the running backs will be fascinating to watch. Alfred Morris is a fantastic insurance policy for Ezekiel Elliott, and he is a great runner – but he isn't as well-rounded as McFadden. Rod Smith and Keith Smith have also had great camps, and I'd be shocked if they didn't make this team. We know the Cowboys are willing to go heavy at this spot, given that they carried six total running backs last year – but can they really afford to do that again? 

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