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Mailbag: Any Desire To Shuffle The Offensive Line? Dez's Matchup?

How much has La'el Collins move to RT affected this offense, in particular?  Just from watching the games, he looks less comfortable than he did when he was inside at guard.

Bryan:He's actually been one of the most consistent linemen you've had. The problem in the Rams game, especially in the second half, was what was happened inside. They didn't do a good enough job of handling Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers.  

David:La'el has had his share of growing pains, which is something you expected to see. It'd be rare and exceptional for him to be mistake free in his first month at the position. But all things considered, I don't think he has been terrible. And I certainly don't think the answer is to pull him from the position before he's had a chance to settle in. There's plenty of reason to think he'll improve. But he won't get there without reps.


Here is a headline from SportsDay: "Packers CB Kevin King: If I get matched on Cowboys WR Dez Bryant, I'll say 'thanks again'." When a rookie watches the tape and expresses no fear, isn't that an indication that Dez isn't worth the cash they paid him and re-signing him wasa mistake?

Bryan:It wasn't a mistake to re-sign Bryant and when you did it, you hadn't drafted Elliott. I talk to defensive coordinators around the league. They do hate playing against Bryant. It's true that he's had his struggles, but he's in the second year with this quarterback. I'd give this some time before I go on record calling this a mistake. He's not the only problem. 

David:This is one of the bigger reaches I've seen in a while. NFL players are supposed to be confident – even rookies. King was drafted in the first round and thinks he's capable of answering any challenge. What is he supposed to say? Bryant hasn't had the start I'm sure he envisioned in August. But calling his contract a mistake because of a non-inflammatory comment made by an opposing corner is, frankly, pretty absurd.

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