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Mailbag: Any DTs Worth The No. 4 Pick? What About Alfred Morris?

Many names have been thrown around by the staff for our pick at No. 4. However, no defensive tackles have been mentioned going that high. Why is that? Are we forgetting that our defensive line was drastically better with players like Jay Ratliff and La'Roi Glover in the middle? Or are players like Andrew Billings and A'Shawn Robinson not considered to be those type of talents?

Bryan: Andrew Billings is my top rated one technique and Robert Nkemdiche would be my best three. Neither one of these guys would I take at four – now they might think differently but not me. My hope honestly is that Billings or Jarran Reed somehow make it to the second round and they could have the option to selection them there. This is a solid year for those players that do play at tackle and should be able to add a quality one early to the middle of the draft.

David:It seems like it's pretty rare to encounter a defensive tackle that's talented enough to go as high as No. 4 in the draft. Five years ago you saw Marcel Dareus go No. 3 overall, and the year before that Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy went at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively. Those guys are all special, and I think they're more the exception than the rule. Taking any of this year's options before the middle of the first round seems like a reach.


What do you think about adding Alfred Morris? I feel like he might come at a cheap price and would be a good addition.

Bryan: I am interested to see what cheap is when it comes to Alfred Morris? Clubs might not have the desire to pursue him like they would Lamar Miller, Doug Martin and Matt Forte, but I do agree with you in the fact that he would be a nice consideration. I have always respected his game when I had to study him twice a year as an opponent. His running style is perfect for this scheme, but the last couple of seasons they have taken him off the field on third downs -- so I need to check and see why that's the case? I am likely looking to draft a guy to pair with Darren McFadden instead of signing one of these free agent running backs.

David:As always, my level of interest in any free agent depends on the cost. If he can be acquired for a modest price, then I'm on board. Morris is especially interesting, because I know how much success he's had in a zone blocking scheme. As always, I'd rather draft a younger, cheaper option. But if Morris' price tag is manageable, I'm definitely interested.

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