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Mailbag: Any Interest In D.J. Swearinger?; Chris Boyd's Prospects?

With the recent release of Texans Safety D.J. Swearinger, why not sign him and give him a chance at safety. I like Church and Wilcox, but I think he would be a major upgrade over Jeff Heath.

Bryan: First off, Swearinger is on 24 hours waivers so you would have to put a claim in for him. Then with your claiming spot at 27 there is a pretty good chance that you will get beat on that claim. But the biggest reason is that if you like Church and Wilcox, why would you claim a player that is similar to the one you are trying to claim? They need a safety that can cover – Swearinger can't.

Rob: Swearinger's contract is pretty cap-friendly, but I don't think the Cowboys claim him as a backup strong safety with salaries in the $700-800K range over the next two years. He's a box guy, and the Cowboys are pretty set there.  The difference with Byron Jones, if he were to move to safety, is his coverage ability – an area that's been the knock on Swearinger.


I am a fan of the WR position. So I liked the recent article on FA rookie WRs. Along with all the talk about other players off-field behavior recently it made me think of WR Chris Boyd. I seem to recall him in competition for the possible sixth WR they talked about keeping, ending up on the practice squad. He has good measurables. With a full year around the team, any word on his improvement?

Bryan: Chris Boyd might prove me wrong, but there are too many receivers now in the mix for him to grab a spot on this team. He is going to have to have a tremendous training camp to even be in consideration. That's what depth is all about.

Rob:Boyd's another guy who could enter the mix. But last year was important for him simply getting back into a football program after sitting out the entire 2013 college season. The Cowboys' top three spots are set with Dez, Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley. The receivers who fill the remaining spots have to show versatility on special teams. The question will be whether a rookie like Lucky Whitehead can show enough as a slot guy on offense and on returns to take a job from Boyd.

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